2018 Summer is here!

Got your heart set on dancing this summer but don’t know where to go? Worry not, as we compiled a list of dance schools offering summer workshops and intensives. Now go sign up, get your gear at That’s D Pointe Dance Shop, and dance to your heart’s content!

If you want to add your studio to this list, just send us an email at info@thatsdpointe.com.ph

Gaynor Minden Fitting Day


For a pointe shoe to look, feel, and function just right it must be fitted just right.   Gaynor Minden’s ingenious fitting system lets every dancer obtain that professional, customized fit — no special order required.

You get to determine the seven crucial specifications that govern fit: model, length, width, box, shank, vamp, and heel. Please take the time to understand your options. Get professionally fitted by a Gaynor Minden fitter on May 20-21 at any of our branches.

+632 6385162
+63923 6373534
2/F Metrowalk Commercial Complex
Meralco Ave., Pasig City

+632 3735589
+63917 7932623
UGF Level, Fisher Mall
Quezon Ave., Quezon City


You may also email us at info@thatsdpointe.com.ph


In 2016, we launched the #IAmADancer campaign featuring dancers from various levels, baby ballet students to professionals. The stunning photographs show the effortless beauty of dancers’ movements. But with each pose is a story of discipline; of countless hours in the studio, honing the mind and body, always striving for perfection.

Our vision is to showcase homegrown talent, reach new audiences, promote the arts, and ultimately, to inspire our young artists to pursue their dance dreams.

Following the success of the first batch, this time we are featuring a new batch of dancers. In the coming weeks, you will get to know each dancer better. See more stunning pictures. Learn about their thoughts and feelings as well as stories of performance jitters and bloopers.

We also invite you to join this campaign and post your own pictures or videos of a perfect dance moment captured on camera. Share with us your thoughts about dance, why you love to dance, what it has taught you, your struggles and how you overcame the challenges. Let us know your moments of glory, friendships made, or perhaps your love story. Show the world what dancers are made of. Post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram, don’t forget to tag us @thatsdpointe and use the hashtags #IAmADancer and #danceisthatsdpointe. We are always on a lookout for dancers who inspire for our succeeding campaigns.

Thank you to the beautiful and talented dancers who participated in this endeavor: AL Frederick Abraham, Veronica Atienza, Garry Corpuz, Pia Angela Custodio, Matthew Davo, Monica Gana, Crimson Guirjem, Michelle Kawpeng, Samantha Lacsamana, Jemima Reyes, Mikaela Samson, Natalia Tordesillas, Cameron Wang, and Cyrene Wang; and to the schools and companies who hone these dancers into perfection: ACTS Manila, Ballet Philippines, Danspace Ballet School, Elan Ballet and Pilates, Halili Cruz School of Ballet, Philippine Ballet Theatre, REDph, and UP Dance Company.

And to Stanley Ong, the person behind the lens who captured these moments to perfection, you truly have a wonderful gift. Thank you.



Love Ballet: The Shoe That Grows with Your Child

“Those tiny feet grow so quickly!”
“She has outgrown her shoes.”
“But I just got her new shoes a few months ago!”

-every Dance Parent

Sounds familiar? Introducing Capezio Love Ballet Slipper. The shoe that grows with your child.facebook_loveballet_7039865

Grow with Me! designed and engineered to grow with the child and give them an updated look with a more mature feel. The soft leather upper with power mesh Growth Packet™, soft elastic binding, and adjustable instep straps all work together to accommodate up to 1/2 size of foot growth, while the Hybrid Sole Design features a two part suede sole which allows the shoe to function as both a full sole and split sole.
With its flirty print cotton lining featuring hearts, flowers, butterflies and lady bugs, and its heart-shaped button for the adjustable strap, your child will definitely love ballet.


Available in whole sizes from 8 to 2, in M and W widths. P1,350.

Dance MNL: Dance Festival, Performances, Intensives and Conference

Dance MNL is a dance festival that brings the top three ballet companies, Ballet Philippines, Ballet Manila, and Philippine Ballet Theatre, together to showcase Filipino talent and artistry on stage, to hone future dancers through various dance incentives scheduled throughout the event, and to discuss relevant issues in the Philippine dance scene. The festival is happening this June 14-26 in various venues. Click the following for schedules of: classes, performances, conference, ticket information and rates. For more information visit DanceMNL website.

That’s D Pointe Dance Shop is a proud sponsor of the event and will be having various offerings throughout the duration of the festival. Visit our booth during the festival for more information.


All products are at least 15% off regular price for festival participants. Just present your tickets to avail of the discount in our booth.


Free Gift 

All-Access Festival Pass and ticket holders for dance intensives get a free gift upon presentation of their tickets. Just visit our booth to pick your gift.

Get a gift for every P1000 purchase. Free items include notebooks, posters, magnets, towels, pouches, canvas eco bags, and T-shirts.

Photo Exhibit

We will be having a photo exhibit of our #IAmADancer campaign from June 21-26 at the CCP Main Theater Lobby. See beautiful moments in movement photographed by Stanley Ong. Featured dancers come from different stages in their dance lives, from baby ballet to professionals. Drop by the exhibit, take a picture/selfie with your favourite dancer photo, and post on your Instagram or Facebook page. Tag us @thatsdpointe and use our hashtag #IAmADancer and win a free gift from us.


See you soon at DanceMNL!



Elegance in the Studio

We are very excited to share with you the Grishko Bolshoi Stars Collection. This collection brings Russian elegance to your everyday practice. The beautiful designs are classic yet unique; the cut highlights the dancer’s lines; the materials used are comfortable and luxurious on the body. Now available in our stores

The Grishko Bolshoi Collection Leotards are P2,780 each. See size chart below.



Dance Shoes 101: Ballet Slippers

Pink soft ballet slippers for ladies are recommended for beginners and for use in regular class. For men, either black or white is recommended regardless of level. The shoes are made of Canvas or Leather materials. Some models are also available in Satin. Leather provides better grip on wood floors and tends to be sturdier but if broken or has holes, it cannot be repaired. Canvas glides better, but gets worn out faster than leather. However, it can be repaired by darning or patching with fabric. Satin is usually used for examinations or performance. It may not be as sturdy as the other materials but it makes for a beautiful shoe due to its delicate outer fabric. Satin ballet slippers are usually available in children’s sizes. No material is better or worse than the other. It’s up to the dancer or the parent to choose.

imageThe soles can be full sole or split sole. Full soles train the feet to work harder while split soles showcase the arch of the foot beautifully. Some schools require full sole ballet shoes particularly for examinations but allow split soles for class. Ribbons are optional as most models have pre attached elastics.

Elastics can be attached across the shoe or in a crisscross in front of the shoe. Canvas slippers usually have crisscross elastics while leather slippers have a single elastic across the front of the foot.

As with any other dance shoes, ballet shoes need to be fitted without room to grow. A proper fitting shoe highlights the beauty of the foot while allowing the dancer to develop proper technique. A shoe that is too loose may hinder the teacher from seeing whether or not the student is working the foot correctly. The student may also feel uncomfortable due to bunching and thus have a hard time balancing and feeling secure on their feet.

That’s D Pointe Dance Shop offers a wide range of ballet shoes in various materials, models, and colors to suit your needs. Please visit any of our stores to find your perfect shoe.

Product Feature: Grishko Dream Pointe

We are very excited to announce our newest pointe shoe model, the Grishko Dream Pointe. This is the latest addition to our Grishko lineup.With the addition of  Dream Pointe, we now carry six different models of Grishko Pointe shoes, the widest selection in the Philippines.

736d0bc9d6da89274fcf8ab807bbd19eThe Grishko DreamPointe is a revolutionary new pointe shoe, several years in the making. Built on the Grishko 2007 last, DreamPointe is the perfect balance of tradition and innovation. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with long wings and a drawstring.

Distinguishing Features:

  • The shank is connected to the platform, helping lift dancers onto pointe and feel their roll-through better
  • Higher wings provide unparalleled metatarsal support
  • Insole is made from all-natural, orthopedic, thermoplastic material making these shoes incredibly durable
  • The inside of the shoe is lined with “Velutino” material and the soft padding in the pointe shoe platform provide the ultimate in comfort
  • Soft pad in the heel of the pointe shoe grips the dancer’s foot securely and creates a beautiful heel line
  • Wider in the toe area for increased comfort and balance
  • The heel is 5 mm lower than in Grishko-2007

Available Sizing: 3.5 to 6.5

Width: XX – Narrow, XXX – Medium, XXXX – Wide

Shank: MF – Medium, HF – Hard, SHF – Super Hard

Schedule your fitting today!

It’s Summer Let’s Dance (Part 2)

Considering dance this summer? Check out what classes are available. We have also provided a link to more information on the school you are interested in. Can’t decide what dance class to take? Read Part 1 and learn about different genres of dance. See you in the studio!

If you would like your poster added here, please send us an email with your website link to info@thatsdpointe.com.ph

It’s Summer, Let’s Dance! (Part 1)

Summer is here again! Have you decided what to do other than bask under the glorious sun on a beach somewhere? How about take a dance workshop? Perhaps learn a different discipline? Who knows, you might just discover a new genre to fall in love with.

Here are a few suggestions on what classes you may be interested in:

Classical Ballet – The basic. Almost every little girl dreams of being a ballerina. Soft and delicate yet with the strength and discipline that is at par with the greatest athletes. Ballet is an overall workout of the body, mind, and soul.

Jazz – Modern and hip. Glide through the floor, cut through the air with those kicks and turns set to upbeat music. Develop strong bodies through drills and floor movements.

Tap – Rhythm and sound. Enjoy dancing as your feet makes wonderful sounds that complement the music. Nothing but happiness when you hear those tapping beats.

Hiphop/Street – Freeform. Dance to the top music on the Billboard list and move your body in amazing ways. Lose and creative but definitely high on the fun scale.

Contemporary/Modern – Expression. Make new wonderful shapes with your body. Explore different themes, from the mundane to the profound, and create movement. Appreciate the human form and its capabilities through dance.

Bellydance – Sensual and empowering. Isolation and fluid movements of oriental dance makes oriental music come alive. Learn about the rich middle-eastern culture and experience it through dance.

Flamenco – Fiery. The dance of Spain is all about passion and expression. The strong feet and fluid hands express the body’s emotion like never before. The syncopated rhythms and music complete the dance. It’s a complete experience.

Ballroom – Elegance with an attitude. Whether you go for the sultry Latin or the elegant Standard dance, you will be a show stopper. So pick your partner and dance away.

Pole/Aerial Arts –  Strong is the new sexy. A true workout as evidenced by the toned body of the teachers. Defy gravity as you challenge your strength and flexibility. Be amazed at what your body is capable of. Embrace power.

Hula – Island traditions. Sway and dance to the beats of the islands. It’s not as easy as it looks. Experience Hawaii through movement, music, colorful sarongs, and flowers.

Read Part 2 where we compile summer dance workshop offerings from various schools.

2018 Summer Dance Workshop list is here!