Product Feature: Grishko Dream Pointe

We are very excited to announce our newest pointe shoe model, the Grishko Dream Pointe. This is the latest addition to our Grishko lineup.With the addition of  Dream Pointe, we now carry six different models of Grishko Pointe shoes, the widest selection in the Philippines.

736d0bc9d6da89274fcf8ab807bbd19eThe Grishko DreamPointe is a revolutionary new pointe shoe, several years in the making. Built on the Grishko 2007 last, DreamPointe is the perfect balance of tradition and innovation. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with long wings and a drawstring.

Distinguishing Features:

  • The shank is connected to the platform, helping lift dancers onto pointe and feel their roll-through better
  • Higher wings provide unparalleled metatarsal support
  • Insole is made from all-natural, orthopedic, thermoplastic material making these shoes incredibly durable
  • The inside of the shoe is lined with “Velutino” material and the soft padding in the pointe shoe platform provide the ultimate in comfort
  • Soft pad in the heel of the pointe shoe grips the dancer’s foot securely and creates a beautiful heel line
  • Wider in the toe area for increased comfort and balance
  • The heel is 5 mm lower than in Grishko-2007

Available Sizing: 3.5 to 6.5

Width: XX – Narrow, XXX – Medium, XXXX – Wide

Shank: MF – Medium, HF – Hard, SHF – Super Hard

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6 thoughts on “Product Feature: Grishko Dream Pointe

  1. anna marie ipapo says:

    Hi, i would like ti get my daughter’s first pointe shoes but she is just 11. Halili cruz already requires her to wear one. How can i purchase it without going to bring her there for fitting?


    • thatsdpointe says:

      Hi! While we strongly recommend personal fittings especially for first pointe shoe wearers, we understand the current situation makes it difficult. Therefore, we offer a remote fitting service. Can you please send us your email address and we can send you the instructions on how to go about it? You may email us at Thanks!!!


  2. Chiqui Pontillas says:

    I would like to ask How much is your pointe shoes and the accesories? Is its package already? How many days it will be ship? Thank you


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