Product Feature: Grishko Dream Pointe

We are very excited to announce our newest pointe shoe model, the Grishko Dream Pointe. This is the latest addition to our Grishko lineup.With the addition of  Dream Pointe, we now carry six different models of Grishko Pointe shoes, the widest selection in the Philippines. The Grishko DreamPointe is a revolutionary new pointe shoe, several years … Continue reading Product Feature: Grishko Dream Pointe

Product Feature: The Capezio Airess

Introducing the Capezio Airess. The new luxurious pointe shoe from Capezio. Dancers love the many options that are available for this shoe. It comes in two styles: Broad Toe or Tapered Toe, and 3 shank lengths: full, 3/4, or 1/2. The latest Capezio Pointe Shoe is now available at That's D Pointe Dance Shop.