Love Ballet: The Shoe That Grows with Your Child

“Those tiny feet grow so quickly!”
“She has outgrown her shoes.”
“But I just got her new shoes a few months ago!”

-every Dance Parent

Sounds familiar? Introducing Capezio Love Ballet Slipper. The shoe that grows with your child.facebook_loveballet_7039865

Grow with Me! designed and engineered to grow with the child and give them an updated look with a more mature feel. The soft leather upper with power mesh Growth Packet™, soft elastic binding, and adjustable instep straps all work together to accommodate up to 1/2 size of foot growth, while the Hybrid Sole Design features a two part suede sole which allows the shoe to function as both a full sole and split sole.
With its flirty print cotton lining featuring hearts, flowers, butterflies and lady bugs, and its heart-shaped button for the adjustable strap, your child will definitely love ballet.


Available in whole sizes from 8 to 2, in M and W widths. P1,350.

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