Dance Shoes 101: Ballet Slippers

Pink soft ballet slippers for ladies are recommended for beginners and for use in regular class. For men, either black or white is recommended regardless of level. The shoes are made of Canvas or Leather materials. Some models are also available in Satin. Leather provides better grip on wood floors and tends to be sturdier but if broken or has holes, it cannot be repaired. Canvas glides better, but gets worn out faster than leather. However, it can be repaired by darning or patching with fabric. Satin is usually used for examinations or performance. It may not be as sturdy as the other materials but it makes for a beautiful shoe due to its delicate outer fabric. Satin ballet slippers are usually available in children’s sizes. No material is better or worse than the other. It’s up to the dancer or the parent to choose.

imageThe soles can be full sole or split sole. Full soles train the feet to work harder while split soles showcase the arch of the foot beautifully. Some schools require full sole ballet shoes particularly for examinations but allow split soles for class. Ribbons are optional as most models have pre attached elastics.

Elastics can be attached across the shoe or in a crisscross in front of the shoe. Canvas slippers usually have crisscross elastics while leather slippers have a single elastic across the front of the foot.

As with any other dance shoes, ballet shoes need to be fitted without room to grow. A proper fitting shoe highlights the beauty of the foot while allowing the dancer to develop proper technique. A shoe that is too loose may hinder the teacher from seeing whether or not the student is working the foot correctly. The student may also feel uncomfortable due to bunching and thus have a hard time balancing and feeling secure on their feet.

That’s D Pointe Dance Shop offers a wide range of ballet shoes in various materials, models, and colors to suit your needs. Please visit any of our stores to find your perfect shoe.

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